The UPLAND ARCHAEOLOGY WORKSHOP aims to gather at the University of Bologna (DiSCi) outstanding researchers who are currently carrying out relevant project related to the occupation, colonization and exploitation of Italian mountain regions in pre-historic and historical periods.

Invited speakers will focus on the new theoretical issues and methodological advances that can expand our perspectives on mountain landscapes and enlarge the existing archaeological and paleoenvironmental data from upland sites.

Particular attention will be given to the specific characteristics of human occupation of mountain areas in the various time-transects, ecology and human-environment relationships, demography, political organization, connectivity between uplands and lowlands/coasts, upland subsistence practices and economy, mobility, interconnectedness and routes, mountains as sacred/religious landscapes.

The objective of the UAW is to reflect on the complexity of mountain landscapes in a diachronic perspective and set a new agenda for the study of archaeological sites in upland territories. 

The UAW will be completed with a round table based on selected short presentations.