Butrint Project 2023

The Italian and Albanian Archaeological Project in Butrint (Butrint Project) has gone back to fieldwork during its latest campaign in June 2023. As part of the landscape archaeology research, the team surveyed the upland site of Vagalat, in the Pavlla River Valley (southern Albania). The site is located on the top of a very steep mountain, called Mali Mile, from where both the Epirote coastline and the hinterland are clearly visible. Here can be found a rubble wall fortification dated to the end of the Bronze Age and a watchtower dated to the Hellenistic times. Reaching the site is particularly difficult due to its location, and for this reason the activities were limited to drone and GNSS survey. While during the 2022 campaign the survey focused on the Hellenistic watchtower, this time more attention was given to the survey of the Bronze Age fortification, adding other important data to the knowledge of this site.