Our research group

Enrico Giorgi

Enrico Giorgi

Professor of Landscape Archaeology

Teacher in Archaeology of Landscapes and of Ancient Cities and Head of TolomeoLAB (

Member of the Academic Board for the PhD in History and Archaeology. Studies on Heritage, Memory and Cultures (from 2017).

Editor of GROMA ( the open access peer-reviewed e-journal of the University of Bologna (from 2007)

Director of the Study Centre for the Archaeology of the Adriatic and of the Archaeological Park of Suasa.

Main topics of the research concern the study of Landscapes Archaeology and Topography for Archaeological Documentation.

Recently the Main topics concern the study of the born of ancient Greek-Roman Towns in Adriatic and Ionian Area.

Director and Co-Director of Archaeological Projects in Italy (Suasa AN, Monte Rinaldo FM, Ascoli Piceno, Pompei NA) and in Albania, Croatia, Egypt.

Collaborates with several international research institutes such as the British School at Rome. Author of numerous publications, he was invited to present the results of his research at various National and International Conferences.

Cristiano Putzolu

Cristiano Putzolu

Professor of Digital Archaeology

Junior assistant professor in Methodology of Archaeological Research from February 2022, I have been working with GIS, archaeological survey and Digital Archaeology for a couple of decades. My research interests include digital archaeology, landscape archaeology, and recent prehistory. I am involved in several research projects as an expert in GIS and surveying and have numerous participations in national and international conferences and several publications in scientific volumes and journals.

Claudio Cavazzuti

Claudio Cavazzuti

Professor of Networks and Mobility in Archaeology

Assistant Professor in Prehistory and Protohistory at the University of Bologna, Associate Researcher at the CNR-ISPC, Research Fellow at Durham University, and Anthropologist for the Ministry of Culture. He has recently directed the Marie Skłodowska-Curie project "Ex-SPACE"(Exploring Social Permeability in Ancient Communities of Europe), focussed on the reconstruction of human mobility in Bronze Age Europe through strontium and oxygen isotope analyses. His bioarchaeological research range from the Central Mediterranean to the Danubian-Carpathian basin. He is also expert of ancient metallurgy and experimental archaeology. He co-directs the excavation at Solarolo (Ravenna) with prof. Maurizio Cattani and participates to various international research projects.

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