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Individual Research Projects WP2

The 8 ESRs working within this WP will aim at making safer, more accessible, comfortable and greener urban pavements

ESR1. High Friction & Acoustic Surfacing for Pavements (Hi-FASP)

To create macro and micro-textured surfacing materials that will have superior skid-resistance (especially where needed, e.g. intersections) and acoustic features even at urban speeds. Skid and noise measurement techniques will be used.

ESR2. Safer Hydronic urban Pavements (SaferHP)

To use renewable energy sources for hydronic temperature control within asphalt pavements to prevent road damage (rutting and cracking) and ensure road safety for all roads and pavements’ users due to de-iced surfaces.

ESR3. Vulnerable Users Protection with advanced recycling paving materials (ProtectVU)

To design advanced paving materials for the protection of users, in particular those more susceptible to falls and impact injuries. To use recycled rubbers and impact absorption techniques to create new user friendly and green materials.

ESR4. Effects of road surface characteristics & geometries on Safer Users' Behaviour (SaferUB)

To improve road safety (accident risks & vehicle stability) by the analysis of users’ behaviour (cyclists & drivers) with simulators. Road and pavement characteristics (in different weather conditions) are considered (skid-resistance, profile, alignment) for better simulations and modelling. Comparison with real driving conditions (instrumented bike, car).

ESR5. Accessible Urban Surfaces (AccessUS)

To study and understand the needs and characteristics of urban walkable pavements that are accessible for disabled and elderly people. To include Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect mitigation in pavement design for user comfort.

ESR6. Cool pavements for Urban heat island Effect Mitigation (CoolUM)

To improve users’ comfort and energy balance by means of UHI effect mitigation with novel paving materials.

ESR7. 100% Recylced Asphalt (RA) for Urban Surfaces (100%RAUS)

To implement the “urban mining” approach using 100% of the asphalt mined in cities for producing new asphalt mixtures. This requires developing asphalt mixes that performs equally to conventional ones under typical conditions.

ESR8. Waste mineral filler Recycling in new Pavement solutions (WasteRP)

To reduce the impact of paving materials by means of new mix designs for warm bituminous mixtures and draining paving blocks (cement bound or alkali-activated) with industrial wastes e.g. from quarries and mines.

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