ESR3. Vulnerable Users Protection with advanced recycling paving materials (ProtectVU)


To design advanced paving materials for the protection of users, in particular those more susceptible to falls and impact injuries. To use recycled rubbers and impact absorption techniques to create new user friendly and green materials.

  • Task 3.1: using recycled rubber from End-of-Life (ELT) tyres for the production of protective advanced paving materials.
  • Task 3.2: experimental characterization of asphalt to reduce impact of head, hip and carpus injuries for vulnerable road users.
  • Task 3.3: assess visibility and friction characteristics of rubberized, polyurethane, pigmented asphalt concretes.

Expected Results:

  • Mix design and characterization of advanced protective paving mixtures.
  • Recycling of ELT rubber for protective paving applications.
  • Lab & trial-site assessment protocol for accident prevention characteristics.


Host Institutions:

Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna


C. Sangiorgi (UNIBO) (Bologna, ITALY)

V. Wallquist (RISE) (Stockholm, SWEDEN)

F. Ardefors (SDAB) (Vaxholm, SWEDEN)


Cesare Sangiorgi

First Supervisor

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Christina Makoundou

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Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental and Materials Engineering