Posted 2 days ago
📢FINAL CALL!📢 Interested in how urban roads and footpaths can be safer and more sustainable? Next Monday (23rd) we're having our final event at @PearlPlace_ at 2pm London time Come join us, in person or online: bit.ly/SaferUPevent
Posted 4 days ago
@SaferUp is coming @PEARL next week to show the outcomes of this amazing doctoral programme. All part of the @PearlPlace_ mission to make the world a better place through postdisciplinary engineering for, with and by the people. "Where we are going, there are no disciplines..."😉 twitter.com/PearlPlace_/st…
Posted 6 days ago
📅One week to go! Our three-day event at UCL's PEARL place will have our researchers show the outcomes of their projects for more sustainable, accessible, safe, resilient and smart urban pavements. You can still register to join ➡️bit.ly/SaferUPevent twitter.com/HorizonEU/stat…
Posted 9 days ago
💡 Pavements cover about 40% of urban areas, so shouldn't we improve them? 📢 Join the @SaferUp project online or at University College London to find out how our roads, footpaths, and squares can be safer and greener for everyone! ✅ Register here! 👉bit.ly/SaferUPevent
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