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Posted 20 hours ago
Brilliant research does NOT = brilliant impact. #SaferUP working through processes & brainstorming taking our “Key Exploitable Results” to market with @EU_ScienceHub @REA_research results booster support today. Watch out world 🌍!
Posted 5 days ago
The #EuropeanResearchersNight 2020 is coming! Questions? Curiosity? Want to know about @SaferUp, my research? Tomorrow, during the @NDR_Society event, I'll inform you about my project from 19.00 to 20.30! Info➡️ #Saferup #NotteEuropeadeiRicercatori #Bologna
Posted 11 days ago
Amen to this you incredible #PhD people…
Posted 20 days ago
27/11 🗓️ The #EuropeanResearchersNight is just around the corner! Are you promoting your event on Facebook? Check out the FB event page and post in the discussion tab:… On Twitter tag us & use the hashtags #EuropeanResearchersNight, #MSCAnight or #ERN20!

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