Posted 8 days ago
As long as you write them, I'll read them, I'll use them. Reaching the end of my PhD...can't wait to have my hands on the 4th book! Give these books a try! you're missing out big time!!! peerrecognized.com @SaferUp #phdchat #H2020 #geopolymer #publisherstory
Posted 11 days ago
Pitching #articles to popular #sciencemagazine/s and websites is a grueling process. @DrAnnaFunk collected the "#Top10 Reasons Your #Editor Turned Down Your #Pitch" 👉scicomm.plos.org/2021/11/03/top…
Posted 19 days ago
We move forward… together! New urban landscapes and surfaces to increase mobility, safety and sustainability are at the heart of our mission. Discover the researchers 👩‍🔬 driving it: site.unibo.it/saferup/en #mobility #smartcities #urbanjoy
Posted 25 days ago
¿Crees que las calles de tu ciudad son accesibles, seguras y cómodas? El proyecto europeo @SaferUp, del que forma parte @Fundacion_ONCE, busca proporcionar soluciones innovadoras para el entorno pavimentado urbano del futuro. 📝 Participa en la encuesta: bit.ly/3oijdhy
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