The SAFERUP! network is designed to achieve the following General Objectives:

  • Train top-level researchers and professionals with high expertise in the fields of recycled, smart and durable paving materials, vulnerable users and road safety, pedestrians accessibility y and protection, water management and bioremediation systems, behaviour simulators and life cycle assessment tools, road geothermal energy, energy harvesting and self-sensing technologies.
  • Increase the employability and help satisfying the rising demand for such qualified researchers and managers making them ready to join industries, companies, research centres, universities and local or national management institutions related to the SAFERUP! topics.
  • Push forward the scientific frontiers of urban pavements design, construction and management to provide cities with more liveable environments and safer, more accessible and sustainable spaces for mobility.
  • Consolidate and expand the network of collaborations among the partners through the creation of an integrated, long-term research and training base in the EU that brings together universities, research institutes, industrial companies and stakeholders active in key research, development and management disciplines.
  • Enhance academia-industry Transfer of Knowledge in both directions and obtain full value from the network by disseminating results in open access peer-reviewed scientific journals, trade magazines and international conferences and developing innovative solutions for the urban pavements of the future.