Research results will be presented and discussed at a network-wide level during the SAFERUP! weeks and other network events. Training-through-research will be automatically assessed from the continuous supervision and during Scrums, i.e. the dissemination/public-engagement events where all 15 ESRs progress will be described and questioned in a friendly environment with presentations and speed-talk poster sessions.

On the one hand the research solutions will be developed in a consistent environment and with high final TRL, to be close to their ultimate implementation and/or launch. On the other hand, nurtured learning from the real world will stimulate entrepreneurship and ESRs and supervisors will recognise the different organizational climates.


ESRs will be asked to put into practice their freshly acquired research and transferable skills by undertaking consistent dialogue inside the network and outwards to the public and the stakeholders.



During each of the SAFERUP! weeks ESRs will be required to prepare a Poster demonstrating the progressions their research. A Best Poster Award will be awarded after each Supervisory Board meeting.

Each Workshop is organized by a local Non-Academic beneficiary or partner that will invite a renowned Visiting Scientist to give a talk on the specific workshop topic. Scrums will be chaired by participants working on that topic and will see the involvement of a Main Invited Stakeholder from the local institutions.

Workshops and Scrums are open for Public Engagement and Dissemination. External PhD students will be invited to join the SAFERUP! Weeks and interact with the 15 SAFERUP! ESRs.