First SaferUP! Week

The First SaferUP! Week, organized by the University of Bologna, held from 1 April - 6 April 2019 in Bologna (Italy).

First SaferUP! Week

Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna – UNIBO held the 1st SaferUP! Week on early April.

With attendance of all Early Stage Researcher and advisors during a full week which aims to:

To develop a new generation of researchers and leaders at European research-training network level by improving both academic and non-academic sectors knowledge.

To deliver to the ESRs a training programmed of multidisciplinary and intersectoral topics that far exceeds that available to standard doctoral students and give them the chance to work and study in a multicultural and international environment.

To expose the ESRs to effective intersectionality by means of a detailed schedule of secondments through which they willmake the most of the knowledge of supervisors and co-supervisors and of their local facilities.

To increase the career prospect of the ESRs through Transferable skills courses, providing them a purpose made SAFERUP! Portfolio (brochure and video by ESCI) that will distinguish them from other professionals as ambassador of SAFERUP! Innovative solutions.

The program of the SAFERUP! Week was composed by lectures on the State of the Art, site visiting and workshops on soft skills, following the program below:



The program of the SAFERUP! Week was composed by lectures on the State of the Art, site visiting and workshops on soft skills.

On the first day, which was held in the Renato Dall' Ara Stadium house of the Bologna F.C., courtesy of the Beneficiary S.A.P.A.B.A. The opening was conducted by Professor and Coordinator Cesare Sangiorgi from UNIBO, followed by the Head of the DICAM department Professor Montanari. Then the workshop hosted by S.A.P.A.B.A. was conducted by Ing. Riccardo Lamperti from S.A.P.A.B.A. with the following lectures:

  • David Woodward from Ulster University discussing the tire/pavement interaction relating to the skid resistance;
  • Cinzia Maggiore from Jacobs Engineering discussing asset and risk management;
  • Beate Altreuther from Müller BBM also discussing the tire/pavement interaction but on the noise aspect;
  • Maurizio Favaro from CORECOM SRL present novel material for pavements;
  • Abbas Solouki ESR 8 recycling waste material fillers.


Second day was held at the University of Bologna and the attendees had the following courses:

  • Urban Heat Island phenomenon: theoretical assessment and case studies - Anna Laura Piselo (UNIPG) and Riccardo Paolini (UNSW);
  • The importance of skid resistance in road safety - Cesare Sangiorgi (UNIBO) and Lab tour by Piergiorgio Tataranni (UNIBO);
  • The art of recycling: an insight into the asphalt plant - Riccardo Lamperti (S.A.P.A.B.A) and Giovanni Viscomi;
  • Urban metals in Sustainable Drainage Systems and their treatment and control - Steve Coupe, Sue charlesworth and Essie Ganjian (Conventry University)


Courses continued during the third day with a Site vist to closure it:

  • Multiscale Approach for Advanced Durability - Bernhard Hofko (TUWIEN);
  • Optimization or road network maintenance and rehabilitation using the RONET model - Cesar Queiroz (Claret Consulting);
  • Accessible person-environment interactions in the urban realm - Nick Tyler (UCL);
  • Site visit to S.A.P.A.B.A plant.


The fourth day the attendee had soft skill training, a SCRUM where every ESR did a 3 minute presentation on the status of their work and the day ended with the final course.

  • Scientific Writing, Communication and Visualization - Martins Zaumanis (CELU Eksperts);
  • Presentation technique with video analysis - Christian Schranz;
  • SCRUM - Road Safety & Smart Cities :  A future of Safer & Smarter urban pavements: how the new trends of research will make our cities more livable?                    With presentantion from and Davide Lo Presti, Edoardo Bocci, Giulio Petrizelli, David Woodward
  • Influence of Infrastructure characteristics on vehicle safety and drivers behavior - Hocine Imine (IFFSTAR);


On the last the ESR assembly was held on which where the ESR representatives where elected at the same time the Executive Board was conducted, followed by the Training Committee and the Supervisory Board ending the SaferUP! week.

First SaferUP! week

  • Opening Lecture

    Professor Sangiorgi Kick off Presentation


    Welcoming by the Head of UNIBO/DICAM

  • Woodward

    Prof. Woodward presentation

  • Cinzia

    Presentation by Cinzia Maggiore

  • Beate

    Beate Altreuther presentation

  • Labtour

    Lab tour

  • Lab tour2

    Lab tour

  • Lab Tour

    Lab Tour

  • Lab tour

    Lab tour

  • Hofko

    Bernhard Hofko

  • Hofko and Yuan

    YuanYuan and Prof. Hofko

  • Cesar Queiroz

    Cesar Queiroz and Mayara Lima

  • Sergio, Abbas and Murad

    Sergio, Abbas and Murad

  • Florian, Mayara, Cesar and Cesare

    Florian, Mayara, Cesar and Cesare

  • Nick Tyler

    Nick Tyler


    S.A.P.A.B.A Site Visiting


    S.A.P.A.B.A Site Visiting


    S.A.P.A.B.A Site Visiting


    S.A.P.A.B.A Site Visiting

  • Lady ESRs

    S.A.P.A.B.A Site Visiting - Lady ESR's


    S.A.P.A.B.A Site Visiting


    S.A.P.A.B.A Site Visiting

  • Softskills

    Soft skills training

  • Softskills

    Presentation Training - Prof. Martins Zaumanis

  • Softskill

    Presentation Training - Prof. Christian Schranz

  • Davide Lo Presti

    Davide Lo Presti

  • Sergio Callai

    Scrum ESR 1 - Sérgio Callai

  • Arsel Inestroza

    Scrum ESR 2 - Arsel Inestroza

  • Christina Makoundou

    Scrum ESR 3 - Christina Makoundou

  • Murad Shoman

    Scrum ESR 4 - Murad Shoman

  • Octavio Zamudio

    Scrum ESR 5 - Octavio Zamudio

  • Ioannis Kousis

    ESR 6 - Ioannis Kousis

  • Mukul Rathore

    Scrum ESR 7 - Mukul Rathore

  • Abbas Solouki

    ESR 8 - Abbas Solouki

  • Mayara Lima

    ESR 9 - Mayara Lima

  • Anik Gupta

    ESR 10 - Anik Gupta

  • Alireza Fathollahi

    ESR 11 - Alireza Fathollahi

  • Ingrid Camargo

    ESR 12 - Ingrid Camargo

  • Yuanyuan Li

    ESR 13 - Yuanyuan Li

  • Niloufar Zabihi

    ESR 14 - Niloufar Zabihi

  • Hasan Börke Birgin

    ESR 15 - Hasan Börke Birgin