Third SaferUP! Week

The Third SaferUP! Week, organized by the Project Partner Durth Roos Consulting GmbH, held from 19 April - 23 April 2021 in Bonn (Deutschland).

The 3rd  SaferUP! Week, organized by the Project Partner Durth Roos Consulting GmbH, will be held on April, 19th-23rd.


The week will be held in virtual mode with attendances of all Early Stage Researcher and advisors during a full week which aims to deliver to the ESRs a training programmed of multidisciplinary and intersectoral topics that far exceeds that available to standard doctoral students and give them the chance to work and study in a multicultural and international environment.


The program of the SAFERUP! Week is composed by lectures on the State of the Art and workshops, following the program below:


On the first day, the opening will be conducted by Professor and Coordinator Cesare Sangiorgi from UNIBO, followed by the DRC GmbH Project coordinator Rainer Hess who will conduct the workshop on “Pavement Durability & Management” and “Management Systems of Urban Pavements: Assessment Methods and Maintenance Solutions”.

The structure of the workshop is the following:

  • Introduction Phase with impulse statements (all together)
  • Working Phase I – Criteria (three groups, 5 ESR each)
  • Discussion Phase about development goals (all together)
  • Working Phase II – Implementation (three groups, 5 ESR each)
  • Presentation Phase with implementation concepts (all together) 


Second day attendees have the following courses:

  • Potential of BIM for Sustainable Maintenance Planning - BWIM
  • Responsible Conduct of Research and Ethics - UNIBN
  • Fully Recycled Asphalt Concretes for Urban Pavements – CELU
  • Use of Self-Healing Materials in Infrastructure Applications - UNOTT


Courses continue during the third day:

  • Forecast of Pavement Performance within PMS (Virtual site visit) – DRC
  • Tyre-Road Noise Generation – MBBM
  • Methods and Models for Traffic and Urban Area Planning – TUWIEN
  • Urban Pavement Design for New Materials - UNIKASS


The fourth day the attendees have the following courses:

  • Pavement Materials for Urban Heat Island Mitigation – UNIPG
  • Patents and Intellectual Property - UNIBO


After lunch the attendees have a SCRUM on “Pavement Durability & Management. Will interdisciplinary and fundamental based research contribute to improved durability of urban pavements?” where every ESR do a 3 minute presentation on the status of their work and the day ended with the online game organized by DRC GhmB.


On the last day the ESR assembly will be held followed by the Training & Executive Committee and the Supervisory Board ending the 3rd SaferUP! week.