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Horizon Results Booster - Identification and creation of the portfolio of R&I project results.

In November 2019, SAFERUP! Project applied for the Horizon Results Booster HRB service funded by the European Commission.

HRB SERVICE 1 “Portfolio Dissemination and Exploitation Strategy (PDES)” supports effective transfer of research and innovation project results to policy makers, industry and society by offering various services as dissemination, exploitation strategy and business plan development to projects supported under the Horizon 2020 funding scheme.

The application was approved by the European Commission and the services were scheduled with ICONS consultancy company implementing the service "PORTFOLIO DISSEMINATION PLAN (DESIGN AND EXECUTION)".

On September 2020 was held a meeting with ICONS's experts Elisabeth Schmid and Charlotte Michi who presented the services:

 Module A: Identification and creation of the portfolio of R&I project results, supported the creation of a portfolio of results suitable for dissemination. Following the formation of the project groups/portfolios, the beneficiaries received guidance to identify similar ongoing projects from other EU, national and regional funding initiatives. This service also included a comprehensive mapping of the relevant stakeholders/target audience for each particular portfolio.

Module B: Portfolio dissemination plan design and execution, encompassed the production of a joint dissemination plan, the preparation of materials for the joint projects activities, capacity building within the SafeSmartInfra cluster project and description of the policies, copywriting, event support and social media.