ESR6. Cool pavements for Urban heat island Effect Mitigation (CoolUM)


To improve users’ comfort and energy balance by means of UHI effect mitigation with novel paving materials.

  • Task 6.1: development of a novel cool pavement with stone-based, recycled-crumb aggregates as passive cooling technique.
  • Task 6.2: optimized albedo and energy balance with novel (i) binders, (ii) aggregates and (iii) additives (TiO2, Phase Changing Materials).
  • Task 6.3: development of a novel experimental method to test new solutions under natural and accelerated weathering action.
  • Task 6.4: development of new analytical models to investigate the effect of the pavements in densely built environments.
  • Task 6.5: development of numerical outdoor models to investigate the microclimate effect on pedestrians.

Expected Results:

  • To develop smart high albedo paving systems suitable for application in urban areas affected by UHI phenomena.
  • To apply novel combined testing (lab&in-situ) methods to monitor and model the materials for their overheating mitigation potential in a variety of urban and climatic contexts.
  • Characterization of new additives and textures for further optimization of the passive cooling and outdoor microclimate comfort of pedestrians and impaired users.


Host Institutions:

University of Perugia


A.L. Pisello (UNIPG) (Perugia, ITALY)

M. Santamouris, R. Paolini, F. Fiorito (UNSW) (Sydney, AUSTRALIA)

M. Favaro (CORECOM) (Terni, ITALY)


Anna Laura Pisello

First Supervisor

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