ESR7. 100% Recylced Asphalt (RA) for Urban Surfaces (100%RAUS)


To implement the “urban mining” approach using 100% of the asphalt mined in cities for producing new asphalt mixtures. This requires developing asphalt mixes that performs equally to conventional ones under typical conditions.

  • Task 7.1: implementing 100% RA methodology for high-performance and context-sensitive urban paving materials.
  • Task 7.2: bitumen (aged & virgin) blending simple characterization for virgin binder selection and mix-design purposes.
  • Task 7.3: accelerated laboratory testing protocols for durability assessment of asphalt concretes (ACs).
  • Task 7.4: data collection for LCA and potential leaching assessment for wash-off waters bioremediation.


Expected Results:

  • 100% RA mix design procedure from sensitivity analysis on relevant parameters.
  • Development of universal calculation tool for RA incorporation and local management.
  • Assessment of leaching potential and generation of LCA data to compare the proposed 100% RA mix with traditional ACs made of virgin aggregates and binders.


Host Institutions:

Celu Eksperts


M. Zaumanis (CELU) (Ķekavas, LATVIA)

V. Haritonovs (RTU) (Riga, LATVIA)

S. Coupe (COVENT) (Coventry, UNITED KINGDOM)


Martins Zaumanis

First Supervisor

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