ESR1. High Friction & Acoustic Surfacing for Pavements (Hi-FASP)


To create macro and micro-textured surfacing materials that will have superior skid-resistance (especially where needed, e.g. intersections) and acoustic features even at urban speeds. Skid and noise measurement techniques will be used.

  • Task 1.1: mix design for cold applied micro-surfacings and cold and warm applied thin-surfacings for high friction overlays.
  • Task 1.2: characterization of lab-scale skid-resistance and acoustic properties of compacted samples.
  • Task 1.3: development of engineered artificial geopolymeric aggregates for micro and thin surfacings functional durability.
  • Task 1.4: real-scale trial site for on-road verification of products. Repeated Micro-grip and Close proximity testing.

Expected Results:

  • Mix design lab procedures for micro and thin surfacings with high-friction and acoustic features.
  • Substitution of natural aggregates with geopolymeric artificial aggregates to enhance micro-texture durability and shape.
  • Construct a demonstration section and test it with standardized and innovative methodologies at time intervals.

Host Institutions:

Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna


C. Sangiorgi (UNIBO) (Bologna, ITALY)

B. Altreuther (MBBM) (München, GERMANY)

G. Viscomi (SAPABA) (Sasso Marconi, ITALY)


Cesare Sangiorgi

First Supervisor

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Sérgio Copetti Callai


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Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental and Materials Engineering