ESR4. Effects of road surface characteristics & geometries on Safer Users' Behaviour (SaferUB)


To improve road safety (accident risks & vehicle stability) by the analysis of users’ behaviour (cyclists & drivers) with simulators. Road and pavement characteristics (in different weather conditions) are considered (skid-resistance, profile, alignment) for better simulations and modelling. Comparison with real driving conditions (instrumented bike, car).

  • Task 4.1: accident analysis and investigation on most relevant urban accident types, their causes and consequences.
  • Task 4.2: identification of different users’ driving styles (by vehicle dynamics) and active safety functions/systems.
  • Task 4.3: road pavement design from vehicle-infrastructure interaction in different climatic conditions.
  • Task 4.4: new algorithms for different urban scenarios and road safety classification. Visibility and legibility assessment.

Expected Results:

  • Improving road safety by the simulation analysis of road and pavement characteristics and their influence on users’ behaviour.
  • Increased safety for disabled & elderly users.
  • Improving pavements design in terms of users’ perception and legibility.
  • Enhanced driver-vehicle-road interaction models for better simulations and dynamics.


Host Institutions:

Institut Français des sciences et technologies des transp., de l'aménagement et des réseaux


H. Imine (IFSTTAR) (Marne la Vallee, FRANCE)

A. Larsson (RISE) (Kista, SWEDEN)

J. L. Borau (FONCE) (Madrid, SPAIN)



First supervisor

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Institut Français des Sciences et Technologies des Transports, de l'Aménagement et des Réseaux