ESR8. Waste mineral filler Recycling in new Pavement solutions (WasteRP)


To reduce the impact of paving materials by means of new mix designs for warm bituminous mixtures and draining paving blocks (cement bound or alkali-activated) with industrial wastes e.g. from quarries and mines.

  • Task 8.1: full physical-geometrical characterization of industrial waste fillers from quarrying/mining activities.
  • Task 8.2: mix-design of warm mix bituminous mixtures for Split-Mastic-Asphalt (SMA) wearing courses & Porous Asphalts.
  • Task 8.3: mastics and mortars rheology by means of Dynamic Shear Rheometers (DSR) and Dynamic Mechanical Analysers.
  • Task 8.4: alkali-activation of waste precursors to create engineered binding pastes, artificial aggregates and paving blocks.

Expected Results:

  • Recycling protocols (End-of-Waste) for industrial waste fillers into bitumen bound and cement bound mixtures.
  • SMA and Porous Asphalts mix-designs for acoustic and pervious pavements’ layers.
  • Cement bound and alkali-activation materials for binding pastes, paving blocks and artificial engineered aggregates.


Host Institutions:

Società Azionaria Prodotti Asfaltico Bituminosi Affini (SAPABA)


R. Lamperti (SAPABA) (Sasso Marconi, ITALY)

C. Sangiorgi (UNIBO) (Bologna, ITALY)

A. Garcia (UNOTT) (Nottingham, UNITED KINGDOM)


Riccardo Lamperti

First Supervisor

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