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Individual Research Projects WP3

The 7 ESRs working on this WP topics will see urban pavements from a wider perspective than is currently practiced and apply research techniques that have been originally used for other subjects.

ESR9. Sustainability potential of Innovative urban paving Materials (SustaIM)

To enhance the sustainability performance of newly developed paving materials and solutions.

ESR10. Resilient and sustainable Permeable Pavements For urban Flood Mitigation (RePP4FM)

To design flood resilient Permeable Pavements Systems (PPS) made with novel materials with high void ratios and mechanical properties for moderate/heavy traffic. To simulate different rainfalls to assess potential impacts of Climate Change and urbanization on urban pavements and society. To map and prioritize urban areas according to their vulnerability.

ESR11. Assessing Environmental Suitability of New Permeable Pavements in SuDS (EnviSuPP)

To assess potential environmental effects, potential to retain and bioremediate contaminants in new materials for Permeable Pavement Systems (PPS), Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS), 100% RA and fast-repairing asphalts (FRACs).

ESR12. Enhanced Durability of bituminous layers by studing Binders' Microstructure (DuraBM)

To increase the durability of urban pavements, decrease the need for road construction, and decrease interruptions, annoyance and risks to users, society and the economy. To evaluate the use of ageing prohibitors, rejuvenators, and additives to increase the amount of recycled asphalt and make bituminous binders adaptable to local aggregate resources.

ESR13. Nanomodified bitumen for Fast-Repairing Asphalt Concrete (NanoFRAC)

To create a bituminous road material with fast-repairing (by inductive healing) properties by embedding magnetic nanoparticles in the binder. An induced electromagnetic field will melt the bitumen and repair cracks.

ESR14. Energy Harvesting from Road Pavements (NrgHRP)

To develop two complementary modules for harvesting energy from road pavements. Energy harvesting systems will be developed and evaluated through modelling, laboratory testing and field experiments.

ESR15. Nanotechnologies for self-sensing & self-inspecting Smart Urban Pavements (NanoSUP)

To develop novel strain-sensing cement concretes and asphalt concretes doped with conductive nano- and/or micro-inclusions that provide measurable electrical outputs under application of mechanical inputs, such as traffic load.

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