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ESR9. Sustainability potential of Innovative urban paving Materials (SustaIM)


To enhance the sustainability performance of newly developed paving materials and solutions.

  • Task 9.1: Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for the new developed paving materials and techniques of WP2 and WP3.
  • Task 9.2: economic potentials of new paving solutions by Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) and evaluation tools.
  • Task 9.3: analysis of social impacts of the new paving solutions by applying Social Life Cycle Assessment (SLCA).
  • Task 9.4: combining environmental, economic and social impact assessment into RONET (Road Network Evaluation Tools).

Expected Results:

  • Adoption of life cycle economy and circular economy performance indicators to evaluate the possible sustainability potentials for advanced road pavement techniques and their application.
  • Sustainability analysis tool (based on RONET) for pavements, combining environmental, economic and social results to support decision-making processes.


Host Institutions:

University of Innsbruck


F. Gschösser (UIBK) (Innsbruck, AUSTRIA)

C. Queiroz (IDG) (Washington, USA)

B. Hartz (FHMUN) (Münster, GERMANY)


Florian Gschösser

First Supervisor

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Mayara Siverio Lima

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