ESR10. Resilient and sustainable Permeable Pavements For urban Flood Mitigation (RePP4FM)


To design flood resilient Permeable Pavements Systems (PPS) made with novel materials with high void ratios and mechanical properties for moderate/heavy traffic. To simulate different rainfalls to assess potential impacts of Climate Change and urbanization on urban pavements and society. To map and prioritize urban areas according to their vulnerability.

  • Task 10.1: testing novel raw materials (HV bitumen, super-plasts, polymers) to develop high-performance permeable layers.
  • Task 10.2: lab testing paving materials in mechanical and hydrological terms according to future traffic & climate prognoses.
  • Task 10.3: assessment of potential risks set by Climate Change and urbanization using GIS to map and prioritize urban areas.
  • Task 10.4: development of a multi-criteria decision support tool integrating functional, economic, environmental and social criteria into a sustainability index for the selection of the PPS design that best fits the vulnerable areas.

Expected Results:

  • Characterization of novel flood resilient PPS made with novel raw materials.
  • Review of the risks associated with resilient urban PPS in flood prone areas.
  • Development of a decision GIS-based support tool to facilitate the location and selection of sustainable PPS in cities.


Host Institutions:

University of Cantabria


D. Castro Fresno, J. Rodriguez Hernandez (UC) (Santander, SPAIN)

V. Pérez Mena (CEPSA) (Madrid, SPAIN)

D. Garcia (TECNA) (Bizkaia, SPAIN)


Daniel Castro Fresno

First Supervisor

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Ingeniería de la Construcción Departamento de Transportes y Tecnología de Proyectos y Procesos