Promoting sustainability

Projects run by students and teachers of the University of Bologna, or projects sponsored by the University to promote and raise awareness on sustainability-related issues.


STEAMGreen! is promoted by the two-year International Master Degree Programme in Resource Economics and Sustainable Development (RESD) of the University of Bologna on the Rimini Campus.

Trashware | Give a new life to your computer

The recovery and reuse service for discarded PCs is offered by the student association S.P.R.I.Te. on the Cesena Campus.

IT.A.CÀ migrants and travellers | Festival of responsible tourism

To experience the thrill of travel without necessarily going far.


The University of Bologna’s business incubator for the Green Economy.

Sustainability, Cultural Heritage and Tourism

There is a growing awareness that tourism should respect cultural heritage and the local territory. But it is important to understand that sustainability is not only a necessity, but also an opportunity for the growth for the tourism industry as a whole.

Terracini in Transition

The School of Engineering and Architecture as a Living-Lab for sustainability.