The project that encourages the use of public transport


Through an agreement with TPER for the promotion of sustainable mobility in urban and central Bologna, UniBo has been able to secure preferential fares for members of the university community in order to maximise the use of public transport over private transport. Instead of paying around €180 for local public transport and €600-1000 for rail transport, professional staff pay only €50 for a train and local bus pass, while teachers get a discount of about 50%.



In 2018 the project was extended to the student community. Thanks to the agreement with TPER, the cost of an urban transport pass has fallen from €240 to €180, including for University students. Furthermore, eligible students are being invited to apply for urban passes at a cost of €99 instead of €180. In the second half of the year, the Emilia-Romagna regional government approved the provision of free bus passes to all users who sign up for an annual train pass. This project further strengthens and synergises the University of Bologna’s efforts in supporting sustainable mobility.