SPORT is also important to sustainability, by ensuring health and wellness!

Sport can ensure a healthy lifestyle and personal well-being, promoting universal values ​​related to respect. It serves as a tool for sharing and dialogue within society, fostering quality relationships. Therefore, it represents a privileged channel through which to propose actions to promote the sensitivity of the academic community to sustainability and increasingly responsible lifestyles. Through the strengthening of sports activities and sustainability-related initiatives, the University, in synergy among the various stakeholders involved, aims to improve the service and opportunities offered to students, employees, professors, and university staff. In this perspective, the University invests in the realization of sports infrastructure and equipment, supports the development of green areas, and promotes and hosts sports courses and events


The CUSB organizes courses in facilities provided or built by the University.



In collaboration with the Sustainable Multicampus projects, courses are being organised in structures made available or created by AUTC.

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