Physical activity online

How to keep fit by staying at home


A series of training sessions to be carried out comfortably at home. This is the result of two initiatives born during the lock-down period by Covid19, which now remain available to be enjoyed at any time and constitute an appointment "from home". Physical activity carried out regularly is fundamental not only for health, but also for psychological well-being, as the period spent at home has shown.

For this reason, the University of Bologna, in collaboration with CUSB, has created the initiative "Train with Unibo", which has provided, from mid-March 2020 to the end of May 2020, the publication of short training videos every morning at 8:30 am. The lessons range from different disciplines (pilates, hatha yoga, total body workout, GAG, interval training, muscle awakening) to ensure the most complete offer possible and give everyone the opportunity to follow their favourite training.

To encourage the academic community's sensitivity to correct and increasingly responsible lifestyles, the Athenaeum has also dedicated an additional training option to its community with "Start moving", which pays less attention to muscle strengthening and aerobic work than "Train with Unibo", but helps keep both body and mind fit. The training plan has provided for the publication of 8 special 16-minute training sessions divided between warm-up, joint mobilization, toning and stretching, which remain available to be enjoyed at any time and constitute a recurring appointment.

  • Link to the 8 "Start moving" training sessions:

       First training

       Second training

       Third training

       Fourth training

       Fifth training

       Sixth training

       Seventh training

       Eighth training

Video "Train with Unibo"