The development and enhancement of green spaces


The University of Bologna promotes and implements the development of green spaces by carrying out projects to expand such areas, planting more trees and implementing urban greening initiatives. Greenery is valued as a necessary element to increase the quality of life in university areas, as well as having ornamental value. The University of Bologna aims to improve the bioclimate and the aesthetic quality of spaces while reducing the "heat island” effect. The design guidelines have been applied to all works in progress, thus allowing some designs to be improved. Particular attention has been paid to creating a line of urban furniture that turns green spaces into a simple and complementary extension of indoor environments.


At the beginning of the year, the outdoor area of the Forlì Campus was equipped with new furniture designed specifically by AUTC to create a recurring style in all of the University’s green spaces. The outdoor boxes that enable users to study comfortably outdoors on milder days have proved very popular with students. Subsequently the Cesena site opened at the end of the year, providing a space entirely dedicated to students and their needs. In addition to a number of comfortable benches, it features other types of seating that extend the library outdoors. On the day of the building’s grand opening, the “Alma Fest” was held in an area specially designed for events.