Zeta A

University Car-Sharing


The University of Bologna has completely renewed its car fleet, switching from more than 80 owned cars to 42 rented electric cars, including 6 hybrids (extended range) for long-distance travel. Car-sharing has been introduced as a new way to manage the university’s vehicles. Service vehicles have been stationed at 8 islands, and can be booked via the web through an app interfaced with the automated key release system, which replaces the paper register.


The migration of the entire fleet to electric-powered vehicles has pushed the project towards two new targets: • Renew the rental fleet by switching to technologically advanced vehicles with a longer range; • Extend the project to vans for mixed passenger and goods transport. Unlike passenger cars, vans cannot be purely electric, due to the mileage demanded of them and the usage conditions to which they are subjected. AUTC is therefore studying a formula that involves different types of propulsion and ride-sharing in line with the environmental ethos of the original project (Van Sharing Project).