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University Car-Sharing


The project aims to realise the transition to an increasingly sustainable mobility service by favouring car-sharing and electric and hybrid powered vehicles.

The total transformation of the car fleet towards electric-powered vehicles has pushed the project towards two new frontiers:

  • renewing the rental fleet by switching to vehicles with greater autonomy and technologically advanced vehicles,
  • extending the project to vehicles for the mixed transport of goods and persons.

Vehicles, unlike passenger cars, cannot be exclusively electric, both because of the distances and the conditions of use to which they are subjected. AUTC has therefore designed a formula with different types of power supply and sharing in line with the environmental philosophy of the original project (Van Sharing Project).



The University of Bologna has completely renewed its car fleet, from more than 80 owned cars to 50 full electric, hybrid or bi-fuel petrol-methane vehicles, of which

  • 35 full electric cars
  • 5 hybrid petrol/electric
  • 10 hybrid petrol/methane vehicles

Car sharing was introduced as a new way of managing the cars, which were in 8 islands and can be booked via the web using an application interfaced with the automated key issuing system, which replaces the paper register.