UniBo Green - Waste management

The University’s separate waste collection project


The University separates waste that is assimilable to urban waste. Specifically, the recovered materials are plastic, paper, cans, glass, toner and batteries. The University of Bologna recycles 10 tonnes of paper and cardboard every month. The project for the disposal of waste materials subject to separate collection from the university premises has been extended to decentralized structures in Bologna and to the campuses of Cesena, Forlì, Ravenna and Rimini. Branded University of Bologna containers have been produced and widely distributed to communicate the imperativeness of waste separation, including off the University premises.


The UniBo Green project has been replicated and introduced in new infrastructure developments, including the new Cesena Campus, where its usefulness is plainly apparent. The University of Bologna’s container distribution scheme has been extended to nearly all its sites. Due to interest expressed by some of the University’s structures, which have implemented best practices on these issues, the Constructions and Sustainability Division (AUTC) is planning new waste material recovery and recycling lines that integrate the multi-material collection capabilities of the UniBo Green project.