Projects included in this channel address issues usually considered unrelated to building interventions, such as inclusion, gender equality, healthy lifestyles and proper nutrition. In the context of Circular Building, all interventions meet the real needs of people.

Baby Pit Stop

The University of Bologna intends to promote, protect and encourage breastfeeding, while discouraging any behaviours that impede the practice. The initiative is based on the similar UNICEF project and is targeted at local bodies. The concept involves “Baby Pit Stops”, where babies can be breastfed and have their nappy changed.

Children’s centre

The University will create a structure with the capacity to house two nursery and two pre-school sections catering for a total of almost 100 children, in order to ensure continuity between nursery and pre-school, provide a childcare service to its employees, form a partnership with the municipal government and deepen university research on the subject.

Alma in a Box

The project offers the university community an ordering and delivery service for fruit and vegetables grown by the University of Bologna’s Experimental Farm (Azienda Agraria - AUB) and other producers selected from social cooperatives and similar farms according to specific quality criteria, in order to raise awareness among the university community's regarding the use of local and sustainable products.

Fattoria Unibo

The “Fattoria Unibo” (UniBo Farm) project makes land available for conversion into vegetable gardens for the university community. The objective of this initiative is to promote a participatory model of 'leisure agriculture', by regenerating physical and relational assets.