Bio machine | the 100% organic snack dispenser

Organic products now available from UniBo vending machines.

The University of Bologna is providing staff and students with high-tech vending machines that offer only 100% organic snacks and drinks.

In agreement with IVS, the company that manages the University’s refreshment points, the "bio machines" are being tested to ensure they provide healthier nutrition even during short breaks.


To date there are organic vending machines in:

  • Plesso CAAB
  • Berti Pichat Plexus Lecture Halls
  • Belmeloro Plexus Lecture Halls
  • School of Engineering and Architecture - Viale Risorgimento, 2
  • School of Economics - P.zza Scaravilli
  • Palazzo Paleotti - Study Halls
  • Department of Veterinary Medical Sciences - Ozzano Emilia
  • Palazzo Poggi - Rectorate offices
  • Belmeloro Lecture Halls
  • Morassuti Lecture Halls