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The University of Bologna’s approach to Sustainability.

The University of Bologna adopts management and operational models based on the principles of sustainable development, forming a strategy that combines economic development, social inclusion and environmental sustainability. The Energy, Environment and Mobility action lines are associated with the People channel, which makes it possible to complete and implement all strategies, breaking them down in relation to the human context into the fields of sustainable nutrition, health and wellbeing, social and cultural sustainability, and sport.
In this context, the University's commitment to sustainable development is manifested in the Multicampus Sostenibile (Sustainable Multicampus) project. The project focuses attention on the needs and habits of the university community, the environment and the mutual relationship between them, through new management models that reduce the environmental impact of UniBo policies, contribute to improving the wellbeing of the campus community and encourage a greener and more environmentally conscious community with more active and responsible behaviours.

The project is designed to be a container in which to present all the activities that the University of Bologna is exploring on these issues, coordinating and disseminating everything that is formulated by the various University structures.

This channel brings together all actions aimed at energy containment for new infrastructure developments and the retrofitting of existing buildings. This channel includes measures linked to the automation and remote control of buildings to monitor their use and energy consumption.

Brings together initiatives that are intended to reduce the impact of users' activities and consumption on the environment, as well as actions promoting the reuse and recycling of resources. This channel also includes all the redevelopment projects of the University’s external areas.

The projects included in this channel reflect issues that are usually considered unrelated to pure building intervention, such as inclusion, gender equality, different lifestyles and proper nutrition. In the context of Circular Building, all interventions meet the real needs of people.

The initiatives included in this channel encourage the use of sustainable modes of transport in the Community of the University of Bologna: the widespread use of bicycles, and preferential schemes for the use of local public transport as an alternative to private transport.


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