Sport is important to sustainability!

A healthy lifestyle and wellbeing are the link between sport and sustainability.

With this in mind, Outrace sports equipment has been made available at the Forlì Campus Park, which was inaugurated by the Rector on 8 November 2019.

The project was developed to allow students and citizens to use unique and exclusive equipment, characterised not only by its exceptional design for outdoor use, but also its structure that allows for different types of training:

  • functional;
  • CrossFit;
  • calisthenics;
  • pure weightlifting (with accessories available).

In particular, the park has been equipped with stainless steel parallel bars and lat bars as well as a number of new fixed components such as a dips bar, plyo board, barbell lever and abdominal bench.

Furthermore, the different activities can be carried out simultaneously by multiple users with different athletic skills.


Video of the inauguration, created by TG Campus students.

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Forlì Campus Park