Terracini in Transition

The School of Engineering and Architecture as a Living-Lab for sustainability.

The term transition can be defined as an emerging approach to facilitate the processes of change and innovation towards a more sustainable future. In particular, adopting transition strategies at university level can encourage the adoption of good practices aimed at reducing impacts and improving the sustainability of university buildings.

The site in Via Terracini is a fairly recent complex that lends itself well to the implementation of sustainability measures and interventions, not only from a technical point of view but also from a structural and social standpoint. In fact, there are numerous research topics related to “Terracini in Transition” and several applications involving researchers, teachers, professional staff and students.
The objective of the “Terracini in Transition” project is to transform the School of Engineering and Architecture into a living-lab for sustainability.

The belief is that, through this process, it is possible to facilitate change towards new sustainability models and at the same time launch new opportunities and useful feedback for research activity, teaching activity and sustainable management of university buildings.
Transition initiatives not only act on an individual system, but are also intended to expand, triggering participatory processes that contaminate each other, allowing the models to spread and thereby bringing benefits to the local community (the whole university and the city of Bologna). By promoting new skills and better strategies, they generate a more resilient system that responds better to ongoing environmental and social changes.


Alessandra Bonoli

Confirmed Associate Professor
Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Engineering

Via Terracini 28, Bologna (BO)

+39 051 20 9 0234

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