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10 MAY 2024


Guyu: Rain for the Grain

Teatro del Baraccano; Via del Baraccano 2, Bologna

On Friday, May 10th, will take place the concert of traditional chinese music titled "Guyu: Rain for the Grain". The event is organized by the Asia Institute in collaboration with the Baraccano Theater. The concert is a unique opportunity to discover Chinese musical culture.

12 DECEMBER 2023

Asian diasporic film in Europe - Bologna, 12 dicembre 2023

Teatro del Baraccano (Via del Baraccano, 2)

Emerging realities from The Netherlands and Italy - proiezione cortometraggi e dibattito

17 NOVEMBER 2023

Student Conference UNIBO - TOYO - UCLA

Online event

Student Conference 'Exploring the Media and Politics Landscape in Europe, Asia and the US'

20 OCTOBER 2023

TOAsia Export Training Emilia-Romagna

In presence and online event

The first edition of the TOAsia Export Training Emilia-Romagna is divided into 5 days of lectures, 4 hours each, starting from 22 September 2023 and until 20 October 2023.

17 MARCH 2023

Winter School 2023

Department of Arts, 4 Barberia St. - 40126 Bologna (BO)

Asia Institute, together with Toyo University and UCLA, will host in March 2023 the winter school "Exploring the Media and Politics Landscape in Europe, East Asia and the US". Lectures, workshops and seminars will involve students and scholars from the organizing Universities.

09 MARCH 2023


MILLENNIAL NORTH KOREA - Cell Phones, Forbidden Media, and Living Creatively With Surveillance

Salone Marescotti, Dipartimento delle Arti, Via Barberia 4 - Bologna

Keynote lecture of the Winter School "Exploring the Media and Politics Landscape in Europe, East Asia and the US" by Prof. Kim Suk-Young (UCLA)

07 JUNE 2022

South-East Asia

Cinema and the Cultural Cold War

Aula Camino, Dipartimento delle Arti, Via Barberia 4, 40123, Bologna, Italia

US Diplomacy and the Origins of the Asian Cinema Network

19 FEBRUARY 2022

South-East Asia

Myanmar: One Year After the Coup

University of Turin, Campus Luigi Einaudi: Lungodora Siena 100/A, 10153 Torino, Sala Lauree Rossa - In presence and online event

One year after the coup in Myanmar, T.wai is hosting an international conference aimed at understanding and engaging with a contested political reality. On Feb 18 (9:45-11:15 am) Antonio Fiori and Licia Proserpio will join the discussion on the impact of the military coup on higher education.

23 NOVEMBER 2021


Asian Film Selection - The Good, the Bad, the Weird

Cinema Rialto, Bologna

09 NOVEMBER 2021


Korean Cinema Goes Global: The success of Korean cinema in the world

Salone Marescotti, Dipartimento delle Arti, Via Barberia 4, Bologna

21 OCTOBER 2021


Mostra Cinematografica Cinese in Italia

Auditorium DAMSLab, Piazzetta P.P. Pasolini 5/b - Bologna

01 OCTOBER 2021


Conversation with the Author: Linking Theory with Practice? Cadre Training and Environmental Governance in China

Online event