Business training

The Asia Institute promotes business training activities supporting both entrepreneurs who aim to work in the Asian continent and those who aim to deepen their knowledge of a regional context where they already operate

The Asia Institute promotes and organizes a wide range of business training activities, such as:

  • Cultural Awareness Training activities, designed for those who already work in the Asian continent, to develop business skills in intercultural contexts between Italy and Asian countries, exploring cultural differences and negotiation modalities.
  • Consulting activities on the political-institutional and economic context of Asian countries, aimed at providing a deep analysis of the internal stability, decision-making processes, decision-makers’ interests and priorities, as well as influence of foreign powers, economic and normative trends, and financial indicators.


The aim of these activities, which can be tailored according to specific business needs, is to promote the networking of local firms with the Asian continent, and to facilitate the expansion of their business if they are already working in the region.