The Asia Institute is a reference point for people in academia and in the community, who are interested in the Asian continent.

The Asia Institute is a flexible platform, which carries out traditional research activities and is interested in disseminating knowledge about Asia.

Scientific activities are carried out following two directions:

  • participation in research projects, funded by public bodies or private entities, both at national and international level;
  • organization of knowledge-dissemination programs for the community, to generate a more informed understanding of the Asian continent.
  • creation of an active platform for researchers dealing with Asia and who wish to work on shared projects, as well as a focal point for all those who study and research the Asian continent in the University and the territory.

The scientific activities carried out by the Asia Institute go past traditional learning and knowledge-dissemination methods, which rigidly separated the panelists and the audience. The Asia Institute involves target groups (students, academia, professionals, and citizens) fostering an active learning process, adopting peer-to-peer (P2P) and mentoring strategies.