Korea stands out as one of the most crucial and fastest-growing actors in the Asia-Pacific. Therefore, it is an area of strategic interest for the research activities of the Asia Institute, which promotes several activities and projects to strengthen the study and the expertise on the Korean peninsula.

UNIBO Projects - Highlights

The Department of Arts of the University of Bologna has obtained a three-years grant for "SEED PROGRAM FOR KOREAN STUDIES" supported by the Korean Studies Promotion Service of the Academy of Korean Studies. The goal of the project us to enhance Korean Studies at the University of Bologna through the organization of activities aimed primarily at students but also at the broader academic and local community. The project has an inter-disciplinary approach with the goal of combini humanities and social sciences. L'obiettivo del progetto è la valorizzazione degli studi sulla Corea presso l’Università di Bologna attraverso l’organizzazione di una serie di attività rivolte primariamente agli studenti, ma anche alla comunità accademica allargata e alla cittadinanza. Il progetto ha un approccio inter-disciplinare con l’obiettivo di coniugare discipline umanistiche e scienze sociali. As part of this project, we have established, within the Asia Institute, the Korea Center, a platform for all the activities and events related to Korea.

The Korean Paradox - Domestic Political Divide and Foreign Policy in South Korea is a research project coordinated by Antonio Fiori, Marco Milani and Matteo Dian of the University of Bologna, which uses an innovative approach to analyse South Korea's foreign policy, focusing on the importance of non-material factors such as political traditions, system values and identities. The project directly deals with key issues in South Korean foreign policy, including the North Korean threat, the alliance with the United States, the relationship with China and Russia, the complex relations with Japan and the role of South Korea outside of East Asia.

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