Fourth SaferUP! Week

The 4th SAFERUP! Week was held from 13th to 17th December 2021 in Coventry (UK), hosted by Coventry University. Due to the increasing restrictions in the UK and across Europe and given the worsening of Omicron Covid emergence, the event was held entirely online on TEAMS platform.

The 4th SAFERUP! Workshop organised by Coventry University and chaired by Prof. Stephen Coupe (CU) was held on December 13th (from 2 to 4 pm). The title of the workshop was “Sustainable materials and methods for civil engineering infrastructure”. After a topic introduction by Prof. Stephen Coupe, the Workshop started with a lecture by Eshmaiel Ganjian (Concrete Corrosion Tech Ltd).

From Monday December 13th (4 pm) to Thursday December 16th all the planned training lectures were held and all ESRs attended the courses.

On Monday afternoon, course 4.7 on “The green university campus and onsite sustainable drainage SuDS, a virtual tour” was given by Prof. Susanne Charlesworth (CU).

This was followed on Tuesday 14th December by course 1.8 on “Contaminated land, hazardous materials and the design and drainage response” by Prof. Alan Newman (CU).

Course 2.7 on “New Sanitary Engineering tendencies to deal with Climate Change and permeable pavements” was delivered by David Garcia-Sanchez (TECNALIA) followed by course 2.8 on “Green paving materials for water management, reduced dig and multiple benefits” by Andrew Shuttleworth (SEL Environmental Ltd) and course 3.7 “Improving flood management in urban areas through the implementation of permeable pavements” by Jorge Rodriguez‐Hernandez, University of Cantabria (UC).

Wednesday started with course 3.8 on “Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Paving Materials” held by Florian Gschösser (UIBK).

Course 3.8 was followed by course 1.7Vision Zero for VRU single accidents?” by Viveca Wallqvist and Kenth Johansen (RISE) and “Civils for SuDS” by Luis A. Sañudo-Fontaneda (University of Oviedo).

On Thursday 16th morning, course TS.7 on “Identification, research and matching interests of potential employers” and course TS.8Fine tuning of CV” was given by Rhonda Smith (ESCI), followed in the afternoon by course TS.9 How to make a successful job interview” and course TS.10 Outreach communication skills: making all contacts count” by Rhonda Smith and Molly Burchell (ESCI).