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The training structure of SAFERUP! is designed to provide an intersectoral and multidisciplinary exposure at both network and local levels, along with advanced research that will train a new generation of appealing, competitive and highly-skilled researchers and professionals able to put in practice the SAFERUP! proposed solutions. The training programme matches the original research with taught modules (S&T and TS), Workshops, Scrums, Webinars and local PhD level courses supported by Secondments at other Academic and Non-Academic Participating Organisations.


Network events are structured into four SAFERUP! Weeks to maximize the intensity, exchange and interaction beetwen ESRs.

SAFERUP! Week consists of a Workshop, the courses of Scientific & Technological Modules,the courses of the Transferable Skills Module and a Scrum. Each Week will be organized in a different place and hosted by the Beneficiaries: Week 1 in Bologna (UNIBO, Italy), Week 2 in Santander (UC, Spain), Week 3 in Bonn (DRC, Germany) and Week 4 in Coventry (COVENT, UK).

Each Workshop is organized by a local Non-Academic beneficiary or partner that will invite a renowned Visiting Scientist to give a talk on the specific workshop topic. Scrums will be chaired by participants working on that topic and will see the involvement of a Main Invited Stakeholder from the local institutions. Workshops and Scrums are open for Public Engagement and Dissemination.

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