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Kick-off meeting

The SAFERUP! Project officially started on the 1st of March 2018 and the KoM was held on the 1st and 2nd of March 2018 in Bologna, Italy, hosted by UNIBO, the coordinating institution. All SAFERUP! participants (Beneficiaries and Partner Organisations) agreed on the venue and date of the event and non EU Partners were also invited to attend the meeting and a webinar online room was set up for the whole length of the event.
The 3 members of the Advisory Board were invited to attend either in person or online.

The KoM is defined as part of the Work Package 1 (WP1) on Management, Recruitment, Communication and leaded by UNIBO.

On day 1 the Coordinator (Cesare Sangiorgi) made a presentation on SAFERUP! entitled “Saferup!: The Project, The People, The Future” in which the participants, objectives, Work Packages, Research Projects, Training and Website topics were covered and discussed among the participants.
A round call of presentations was made on the 15 Individual Research Projects: each main Supervisor made a presentation of the project topic, the objectives and the tasks.

A second detailed presentation was made by the Coordinator entitled “Saferup!: Management and Communication” in which the Management, Supervisory and Advisory Boards, as well as Communication topics were covered and discussed among the participants. Alec Walker-Love (ESCI) completed the Communication activities description by detailing the actions that ESCI will implement during the project.

On day 2 the proposed Recruitment strategy was described by the Coordinator with the “Saferup!: Recruitment Strategy” presentation that included the Selection process, the Selection Committee and the Call opening topics.
The final section of day 2 covered the main SAFERUP! Gantt Chart and its scheduled activities; among them the SAFERUP! Weeks, ESRs’ secondments, Workshops and scrums.

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