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ESR 14 - NrgHRP

Country of Origin: Iran




What inspired you to become a researcher in your field of expertise?


I have always been interested in conducting experimental research, and as I started my graduate studies in civil engineering, building materials were my research focus. Sustainable development of infrastructures is another matter, which is in my opinion crucially important our lives and well-being. And so my research on building and construction materials with a sustainability focus has developed.  


How will your work help improve people’s quality of life?


Harvesting energy from pavements lets people have access to a new form of energy “power plant”, available right at our feet all over the place. Consequently, along with reducing the environmental impacts of pavements, we will be able to provide a new source of energy to the societies and possibly reduce its overall costs.


What are you most looking forward to as part of your Marie Curie Action?


Building a solid and well-established research career, working in a collaborative and international environment, employing advanced and cutting-edge techniques. SaferUp! is above all a platform for implementing my research in industry and possibly seeing the impacts on people’s lives.

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