Write an impactful research paper by Martin Zaumanis

A book by a SaferUp! supervisor offers a system for efficiently writing research papers

 Writing the first word in a blank document for a new research paper is scary. It signals the immense amount of work to be done in the coming weeks and months. It is especially intimidating for early stage researchers since they have very little experience with writing, selecting the journal, and dealing with grumpy reviewers. 

  Martins Zaumanis is a one of the SaferUp! supervisors. His interactions with the SaferUp! students were the final push he needed for deciding to author a how-to book that helps Ph.D. students and young researchers to write efficiently. At the core of the book “Write an Impactful Research Paper” (available on Amazon) is a system, called the “LEAP”. The four LEAP steps not only guide the author through the writing process; they are designed to help the scientist to first understand the research results and then develop a message that convinces the readers. 

  The second part of the book presents eight unwritten academic publishing rules. These will help to decide how often and where to publish, how to raise one's citation count, how to efficiently work together with co-authors, and offer many other tips that can help in the career of an aspiring researcher. 

  Throughout the book, links are provided to tools that ease the writing process. They are summarized in the website https://peerrecognized.com. You don’t even need to buy the book to access them.