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Posted 16 hours ago
Transforming the urban environment ⚡️ engaging with researchers ⚡️ connecting with policymakers ⚡️“#ScienceIsWonderful” - yes... it is! 😀 🙌 to @secallai, @Christina__Mak, @LifeOfaPOinEU, @MSCActions @REA_research and all of the #SaferUP crew…
Posted 6 days ago
You can visit the booth of @SaferUp according to this schedule for the different audiences, from school students, to industry, to citizens. @REA_research @MSCActions Learn more about how to make our cities better! #RiDaysEU #ScienceIsWonderful…
Posted 11 days ago
Next week starts the #ScienceIsWonderful as well as the #RiDaysEU I will be there to show part of my research as a member of the @SaferUp I am studying a way to make the pavement safer and quieter...why is this important? How I am doing it? Check it! 1/16

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