Posted 2 days ago
#Sustainability is crucial for the #asphaltindustry. #ESR Mukul Rathore paves the way towards greener road construction by exploring key variables for the optimal production of recycled pavements. Discover more with his poster and the #videoabstract. fal.cn/3cR0z
Posted 3 days ago
Börke Birgin et al. has developed a #SmartPavement that can understand what type of vehicle passes above it. I am really excited for working with him on the in-field monitoring of it, at the premises of #Corecom, partner of @SaferUp Stay tuned for preliminary outcomes!
Posted 4 days ago
Road #sustainability is more than just using recycled asphalts. A proper assessment has to consider environmental impacts at every stage of the lifecycle of the road—and that's what @siverio_lima does. Learn more with the poster and the #videoabstract. fal.cn/3cNTk
Posted 10 days ago
#FAIRdata corresponds to the data which fulfills the requirement of Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability, and Reusability. Take part in this #survey and help us understand #researchers’ perspective. Click here 👉bit.ly/2LE7n1s Deadline: 18 Jan 2021

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