SPORT is also important to sustainability, by ensuring health and wellness!

The planning and management of sports activities for university students and employees, as well as the management of university sports facilities, is an institutional task entrusted to universities. For this reason a new proposal has been created from a joint initiative by the AUTC and APAT Offices in connection with the technical structure of the CUSB. It therefore represents a shared vision of all the relevant actors in the provision of management services to support sports activities, including those directly oriented towards teaching activity. 

The aim of this proposal is to assign to CUSB all activities concerning routine maintenance, system efficiency and all new minor upgrades to installations in order to further streamline intervention procedures. 

Through joint efforts between the various entities involved, the University aims to improve the service and opportunities offered to its students, employees, teachers and staff, by strengthening sports activities and sustainability-related initiatives.

The new configuration of the CUSB is coherent and synergistic with University policies that are intended to improve and increase the quality of services across a series of strategic areas: inclusion, hospitality, retention, promotion of sports to students and employees, sustainability.

Alongside and in line with these objectives is the development of the decentralised sites of Romagna, which through the new management paradigm will have greater and better resources in terms of speed of execution, strategic coherence and efficiency. The strengthening and reinforcement of the Forlì, Cesena, Rimini and Ravenna sites is a key focus of the University of Bologna’s short and long-term strategy and through the new management paradigm it will be communicated faster, more promptly and more effectively.


In collaboration with the Sustainable Multicampus projects, courses are being organised in structures made available or created by AUTC.

For more information visit the CUSB website.