The Concept of Logical Consequence

Internationally renown logician and philosopher Sebastian Speitel (Bonn) will teach an intensive 3-days masterclass on the concept of logical consequence

  • Data:

    29 MAGGIO
    31 MAGGIO 2023
     dalle 15:00 alle 19:00
  • Luogo: Sala Rossa, Via Azzo Gardino 23, Bologna

The Concept of Logical Consequence

Masterclass with Sebastian Speitel (Bonn)



Organized by: Filippo Ferrari
In collaboration with: Sebastiano Moruzzi, Sebastian Speitel
With: Sebastian Speitel




The master-course "The Concept of Logical Consequence" introduces students to the philosophical discussion concerning the fundamental notion of logical consequence. Starting from its intuitive conception the course examines its arguably most influential explication in Tarski’s model-theoretic definition of logical consequence (Lecture 1). It continues by discussing a central issue in the philosophy of logic, namely the so-called demarcation problem of the logical constants in the context of the model-theoretic definition of logical consequence, focusing in particular on invariantist approaches to the issue and their shortcomings (Lecture 2). Lecture 3 explores the bounds of logic, investigating the philosophically relevant aspects of the development of the first-order predicate calculus, its status and philosophical significance.