Extensional proof-systems for modal logics

Seminario di Margherita Zorzi, nell'ambito del ciclo "DAReLOGICA"

  • Data: 04 APRILE 2024  dalle 15:00 alle 17:00

  • Luogo: Sala Rossa, Via Azzo Gardino 23, Bologna

Organizzato da: Melissa Antonelli, Guido Gherardi, Eugenio Orlandelli
Con: Margherita Zorzi

Proof theory offers various approaches to modal logic, each incorporating varying levels of additional technology into the fundamental formats, such as deduction, sequent calculi, tableaux, etc., to effectively handle modalities.
Similar to first-order systems, a modal deductive system should embody the following critical attributes: simplicity, analyticity, properties of cut elimination or normalization, and extensionality.
In this presentation, our focus will be on the "geometric" approach, which extends formulas using a notion of position (originating from 2-sequents developed in the early 1990s). We will explore the fundamental concepts for handling various logics between K and S5, focusing on the intermediate system S4.2.