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SIRIUS. Strategies for the management of cultural heritage at risk

The acronym "SIRIUS" is not accidental. In this video we will explain where the idea comes from and how it fits with the objectives of the project. Good vision!

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European Researchers' Night 2021: SIRIUS presents itself

On September 24, 2021, the European Researchers' Night was held. For this special occasion, we decided to tell you about the SIRIUS Project and its objectives for the cultural heritage of Ravenna.
If you are curious to know more, you can find here all the materials prepared for the event.
Good vision!

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SIRIUS go to school!

The SIRIUS team has designed an educational path for the pupils of the 5° classes of the Primary Schools of Ravenna!
Through co-participated lessons and games, we will learn togheter what are the risks that our cultural and natural heritage can run and what we can do to protect it!
Discover our commitment to schools!

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Find out how to communicate risk!

Which analitical tools and techniques are useful for knowing the conservation status of a monument? How do we assess the risks that may pose a threat to our assets? How can we communicate data and information in an effective and engaging way?
These are the questions that we will answer together in the Path for Transversal and Orientation Skills (PCTO) proposed by the SIRIUS team for high schools and technical institutes of the province of Ravenna!

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New perspectives for cultural heritage

For the research seminars of the Department of Cultural Heritage, on 11 November we will also talk about SIRIUS!
What are "capacity building" projects and how do they affect cultural heritage?
These are the starting points of a two-part intervention, which will compare experiences and solutions on a local and active scale, with a common goal: to build and promote both skills in terms of conservation, management, and enhancement of cultural heritage.
The speech will be curated by Sara Fiorentino (who will present the Erasmus Plus REACH project) and Tania Chinni.
Thursday 11 November, Department of Cultural Heritage (Conference Room), 4.30 pm

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On this page you will find a collection of international provisions, scientific articles and manuals dedicated to the theme of Cultural Heritage and the risks it can run.
Enjoy the reading!

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