Knowing in order to intervene


This action aims to promote the sharing and transfer of specific competences and skills on the prevention, management and mitigation of risk factors impacting on Cultural Heritage.

 As highlighted in several recommendations provided by International Bodies, not fully aware interventions can expose the cultural asset to further risks, worsening its conditions and its integrity already compromised in case of emergency. For this reason, international institutions operating on Cultural Heritage, such as UNESCO, ICOM, ICOMOS, ICRROM, have repeatedly stressed the need to have qualified personnel, adequately trained to take prompt action within 72h from the event.

To meet this need, SIRIUS will explore the possibility to establish a periodic training and updating course, open to Cultural Heritage operators and professionals, Officials in Local Authorities and Civil Protection Intervention Teams to understanding the negative effect trigged by agents of degradation on the cultural assets, to sharing international good practices and to developing coordinated solutions and procedures to be adopt in case of emergency.