Three days dedicated to sustainability: beach cleaning and talks.

This project is the brainchild of a group of university students who, with the support of staff in the Constructions and Sustainability Division, organised a series of conferences on the campuses of Ravenna, Cesena (Cesenatico site) and Rimini.

The Spiaggialonga event excited great enthusiasm among young people and volunteers of all ages (committees, teachers and citizens). A call for sponsors to fund the event attracted the participation of a number of major companies (Novamont, Hera SpA, Formula Ambiente, Formula Servizi, Infia and others), which showed great interest in going plastic-free as a result of the event.

The goal is to raise awareness among the university community and citizens regarding various sustainability issues, and to convert this into collective action.



Every day an in-depth conference took place to address various issues concerning environmental sustainability (marine pollution from plastics, sustainable tourism, circular economy, etc.), with speakers from both academic institutions and local businesses.



One morning of the three-day event was spent cleaning the beaches, helped by children from both primary and secondary schools. University students also participated and a number volunteered to welcome the children and youngsters, together with the staff of the Constructions and Sustainability Division, as well as volunteers from Legambiente.

Spiaggialonga 2019 in figures

  • 1313 school children
  • 116 teachers
  • 184 university students
  • 49 volunteers
  • 215 conference attendees


A total of 1877 people took part!

Photos of the 2019 edition

  • Conference
  • speakers
  • beach cleaning
  • beach cleaning
  • beach cleaning
  • Legambiente
  • beach cleaning
  • beach cleaning
  • beach cleaning
  • beach cleaning
  • beach cleaning
  • beach cleaning
  • beach cleaning


Video of the event created by students of TG Campus.

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