Questionnaires and scales

This section has information about some questionnaires and scales that might be useful for researchers.

Clicking on the following links you will have the opportunity to download the scale/questionnaire and know its properties.


Human-Technology Interaction

ACCEPTANCE SCALE (System Acceptance Scale)

EUQ (End User Questionnaire)

NARS (Negative Attitude toward Robots Scale)

PBC (Pain Behaviour Checklist)

QUIS (Questionnaire for User Interface Satisfaction)

SUS (System Usability Scale)

Trust in HRC (Psychometric Scale to Evaluate Trust in Industrial Human-Robot Collaboration) 

TSQ-WT (Tele-healthcare Satisfaction Questionnaire - Wearable Technology)



ORMAQ (Operating Room Management Attitudes Questionnaire)

PROQOL (Professional Quality of Life Questionnaire)

JCQ (Job Content Questionnaire)


Traffic and Transport

ACBQ (Adolescent Cycling Behaviour Questionnaire)

CAS (Cycling Anger Scale)

DBQ (Driver Behaviour Questionnaire)

PADI (Prosocial and Aggressive Driving Inventory)


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