Research group

Luca Pietrantoni

Professor of Work & Organisational Psychology, Coordinator of the Research team

Luca Pietrantoni is a Full Professor at the University of Bologna. He is the coordinator of the EU-funded project H-WORK and the Director of Second cycle degree in Work, Organisational and Personnel Psychology at the University of Bologna (Italy). His main research interests and areas of intervention include human factors, human-machine interface, interventions on health and safety in organisations. He has published in international academic journals, including Accident Analysis, Prevention and Risk Analysis e Frontiers in Psychology.

Marco De Angelis

PhD, Junior Assistant Professor

Marco De Angelis graduated in Work and Organisational Psychology, from 2012, he is engaging with both academic lectures in the University and consulting activities for professionals, especially in the healthcare context, providing training on organizational change, non-technical skills, work-related stress, error, risk and safety management.

He obtained his PhD in Psychology at the University of Bologna, conducting research on the promotion of sustainable and active mobility and its psychosocial determinants in a public organisation. His main research interests focus on social and behavioural science applied to high-risk contexts such as industrial, organisational and traffic environments.

Davide Giusino

PhD Student

Davide is a PhD Student at the Department of Psychology. His research project is titled "Digital-Based Interventions for Teams in the Workplace" and is funded under the EU H2020 project "H-WORK: Multilevel Interventions to Promote Mental Health in SMEs and Public Workplaces". His research domains cover both Work and Organizational Psychology, and Occupational Health Psychology. His main scientific interests include mental health and psychosocial well-being at work, work and organizational psychology of Big Data, organizational networking, and workplace attachment. He also holds some international consultancy experience in the field of Evidence-Based Management. Davide achieved a joint Master degree in Work, Organizational and Personnel Psychology at the University of Bologna and the University of Valencia with a thesis titled “The Impact of Introducing Bibliometric Evaluation on Italian Research in Psychology” examining scholars’ adaptive response strategies to a new performance rating system.

Federico Fraboni

Ph.D. Candidate

Federico Fraboni holds a Ph.D. in Psychology at the University of Bologna and conducted research on human-technology interaction and psychosocial factors connected to safety and risky beahviours. He has a background in Work, Organisational, and Personnel Psychology. He participated in many European-funded research and innovation projects as well as collaborating with private companies in internally funded projects. He is currently a researcher in the Human Factors Risk and Safety research unit of the University of Bologna, focusing on human-technology interaction, human-robot collaboration, and safety in high-risk organizations. His main research interests and areas of intervention are acceptability and users' behavioral adaptation of new technologies, human-robot collaboration in industrial settings, human-machine interfaces, and risky behaviors at work. 

Gabriele Puzzo

Research Assistant