Research group

Luca Pietrantoni

Professor of Work & Organisational Psychology, Coordinator of the Research team

Luca Pietrantoni, Professor of Work and Organizational Psychology at the University of Bologna. He has been the Head of the Research Unit "Human Factors, Risk and Safety" at the University of Bologna since 2014. He teaches “Safety and Human Factors” and “Organizational Psychology” at a university level. He is a member of the European Community of Practice on Human-centricity in Industry 5.0. He is providing training on behavioural issues related to health and safety. He is the principal investigator of different EU-funded Projects on technology integration in organizations and the impact of AI, automation, and robotics at work. He participates in projects with companies on human factors and ergonomics in safety/security issues and workplace transformations. He has been the Director of the EMJMD in "Work, Organization and Personnel Psychology" and teaching psychology at the Italian Army Military Academy in Modena. He is a member of European scientific organizations (European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology EAWOP, Human Factors and Ergonomics Society HFES-Europe Chapter). He has published in international academic journals, such as Accident Analysis & Prevention, Risk Analysis, and Applied Ergonomics.


Marco De Angelis

PhD, Assistant Professor

Marco De Angelis is an Assistant Professor of Work and Organizational Psychology at the University of Bologna and an active member of the "Human Factors, Risk and Safety" research unit. His research primarily focuses on understanding the impact of new advanced technologies at the individual and organisational levels, defining human-centred integration processes, and enhancing the organisational' social sustainability and governance goals (ESG objectives).

He is a member of the European Practice Community on Human-Centricity in Industry 5.0. He has been involved in various European projects, currently serving as the scientific coordinator for the ProMentoHR project. Over the years, he has developed expertise in academic research, project management and consulting in organisational change, non-technical skills, work-related stress, leadership, error, risk, and safety management.

Marco is also a member of several European (European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology - EAWOP, Human Factors and Ergonomics Society - HFES Europe Chapter, European Academy of Occupational Health Psychology - EAOHP) and national scientific organisations, where he has also served as a representative (Early Career Researchers’ network of Work and Organizational Psychologists in Italy). He has published in international academic journals and regularly serves as a reviewer or editor for international journals such as "Safety Science", "Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology", "Frontiers in Psychology", and "Computers in Human Behavior.

Federico Fraboni

Ph.D. Assistant professor

Federico Fraboni is an Assistant Professor at the University of Bologna, specializing in Human Factors, Risk, and Safety with a background in Work, Organisational, and Personnel Psychology. With a Ph.D. in Psychology, his research primarily focuses on the interplay between humans and technology in work-related contexts. Specifically in areas such as human-robot collaboration, AI's explainability and impact on work, human-machine interfaces and enhancing occupational safety. His work bridges academic research with practical applications, through his participation in European research projects and collaborations with the private sector. Fraboni’s goal is to advance the understanding and implementation of solutions that improve workers' wellbeing, safety and efficiency.

Gabriele Puzzo

PhD student

Gabriele Puzzo is an industrial psychologist who graduated in 2019 from the Erasmus Mundus Master's program "Work, Organizational and Personnel Psychology" (WOP-P). His research interests have led him over the years to conduct study and work activities in Italy and abroad.

Enrolled in the Register of Psychologists in 2022, in the same year he enrolled in the PhD program in Psychology at the University of Bologna (37th cycle).

His research focuses on investigating and implementing innovative techniques to foster pro-environmental behaviors in organizational and community contexts. His interests also include human factors and organizational development.

Mabel San Román Niaves

PostDoc Research Fellow

Mabel San Román Niaves holds a PhD in Work Psychology. She obtained her Master's degree in Work and Organizational Psychology and Human Resources and her PhD in Work Psychology at Jaume I University in Spain. Currently, she is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Human Factors, Risk and Safety unit, where her research primarily focuses on exploring human factors, ergonomics, and safety in the workplace. Mabel actively participates in various European projects, focusing her efforts on social acceptance, examining how technological innovations can be ethically and sustainably integrated into society. Also, she explores the dynamics of human interaction with artificial intelligence systems, aiming to enhance the integration of such technologies in various organizational and work contexts to improve safety, efficiency, and worker well-being.
Additionally, she has experience in preventing psychosocial risks and in developing positive psychological interventions to improve employee well-being.

Sofia Morandini

Research Fellow

Sofia Morandini is an Industrial-Organizational Psychologist with a master’s degree from the University of Verona. She is currently a Research Fellow at the University of Bologna, member of the Human Factor, Risk, and Safety Research Unit. Her research primarily focuses on the exploration of human factors, ergonomics, and workplace safety. She is also actively involved in European projects, focusing on Human-Robot Collaboration and Human-AI Interaction, with the aim of optimizing user experience and ensuring system usability. Additionally, she has a keen interest in the explainability of AI systems and cobots. Sofia Morandini has participated as a speaker at various national and international conferences and congresses. She is a member of the Veneto Register of Psychologists and the Italian Association of Psychology (AIP).

Arianna Rebecca Longo

Research Fellow

Arianna Rebecca Longo is currently a research fellow at the University of Bologna in the Human Factor, Risk and Safety Research Unit.
With a range of study and research experiences abroad, she carried out research related to Neuroscience and Human-Technology Interaction.
Previously, she was a research fellow at the University of Milano-Bicocca, evaluating Human-Robot Interaction in a project regarding the experimental monitoring of a robotic assistant for patients with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Alena Mezentseva

Research Fellow

Alena Mezentseva is an Industrial-Organizational Psychologist with a joint master’s degree from the University of Valencia and the University of Valencia. She is currently a research fellow at the University of Bologna in the Human Factor, Risk and Safety Research Unit. She has a professional background in psychometric test development, data analysis, and organizational consulting. Her previous research work was devoted to safety culture in high-reliability organizations and organizational resources. She is the author of several psychometric tools including a complex questionnaire on psychological risks of unsafe behavior. She is involved in the ProMentoHR project and her current research focuses on the exploration of Human Factors, Ergonomics, and Human-Robot Interaction.