Sestosenso develops technologies for next generations of collaborative robots capable of self-adapting to different time-varying operational conditions and capable of safe and smooth adaptation from autonomous to interactive when human intervention is required for collaboration.

Our Expertise and Resources


Core Competencies:

- Human Factors and Organizational Psychology: Focus on user trust, acceptance, and the integration of safety, comfort, and productivity.
- Human-Robot Collaboration (HRC): Development and implementation of strategies for effective human-robot interactions.
- System Usability: Identification of human-related barriers and facilitators for the uptake of smart systems, emphasizing ergonomics and user experience.


Challenges and Solutions in System Design:
- Identification of Issues Challenges such as lack of mode awareness in highly automated systems, and the user’s difficulty in tracking and anticipating system behavior due to poor interface design.
- Development of Solutions: Solutions aimed at improving workers' acceptance and behavioral adaptation to new technologies.


Project Contributions:
- Human-Centric Approach: Adoption of strategies centered around human needs and capabilities.
- Behavioral and Robotic Models: Development of workers’ behavioral models with a focus on individual differences related to gender and age, alongside the development of robotic interaction patterns.
- Task Allocation and Planning: Formulation of effective HRC task allocation strategies and adaptive planning models.
- Intuitive Human-Robot Interaction (HRI): Creation of intuitive interaction interfaces for seamless human-robot cooperation.
- Impact Assessment: Evaluation of HRC’s impact on workers and organizational performance, with particular attention to efficiency, effectiveness, and safety.